A strong security system is one of the fundamental key elements of any building, location or an institution. In a world that is filled with so many options as to what to choose when it comes to picking security cameras, one can easily become confused and indecisive about buying a high quality security camera. There are plenty of cameras out there that shine on their own because of their unique quality that is different from others; just like the ultra-hi-tech Modern Netgear Pro Security Cameras. We are here to help you take cognisance of various factors that would help you choose the right camera for you. We will discuss some key features of a good security camera and throw some light on their durability, reliability and maintenance. Feel free to contact us for any more queries and information that you would like know more about.

Types of Security Cameras:

When it comes to security cameras, aside from various specific cameras, they can be broadly be divided into two types of categories: One being theARLO Devices traditional wired cameras and the other being wireless security cameras.

Now theoretically speaking, when both the wired and the wireless cameras are pitted against each other; then it’s the wired cameras which would come out at the top. This is because of the wireless nature of the security cameras. As with the case of all wireless devices, even the wireless security cameras can be prone to issues like losing the wireless signal, because of which live feedback or recording can be affected. They can also fall down against devices which jam signals including the wifi. Hence, against extremely sophisticated thieves with highly advanced gadgets, it is easier to disable the wireless as compares to the wired security cameras.

The advantage that the wired security cameras have against the wireless security cameras is that the data that is transferred from the camera to the computers cannot be tampered with as easily as on a wireless camera.  But that said, wireless cameras do bring their own set of positives to the table. The number one being the fact that it does away with the whole problem of wiring up entire buildings to set up the cameras. This can be cumbersome and the maintenance of it can be tedious.

But at the end, the ultimate winning factor of any camera should be its all round performance, whether wired or wireless. In this situation, pro series cameras stick out amongst the crowd because of their high quality and reliability.

Arlo pro series cameras consist of Netgear Arlo,  Netgear  Arlo Pro and Netgear Arlo Pro 2, all of which have been best selling cameras which have been heavily praised by their users for leaving no stone unturned when it comes to up keeping the security of their homes and offices.

Infact, had initially started off as just a camera series, but it became such a big hit with the people that Netgear decided to break into a whole separate subsidiary company.

Pro cameras

Pro cameras are not just mere cameras but an entire security system. The products come in individually or in packs of different sizes. Each of them contain a  base station with built-in siren and power adapter, a camera power adapter, a camera power cable, Ethernet cable to connect the camera to the internet, outdoor security mount with screw set, quick start guide, rechargeable battery pack, wall mount with screw set and window decals. The sturdy build makes sure that it only requires minimum maintenance, yet its unique and modern design makes sure that the cameras meld well with the household surroundings without looking like an eye-sore. Their designs are also weatherproof and because of that, Netgear pro security system makes sure that all the corners of households or buildings are covered.

Pro App

Another benefit of getting the Netgear pro security system is being able to keep an eye on your household and to be able to configure your camera settings with the touch of a button. All Netgear pro security systems can be accessed via the app. One needs to login into their account and from there, they can access to all their cameras. All the cameras are connected with the internet, so live feed can be sent from the cameras directly to the customer’s phone. Although the app records in 720p, the quality of the videos are of extremely high quality and their wide-angle lens ensures that you have wider coverage than an ordinary camera. It can cover the entirety of the backyard, room, porch, front yard etc. So, if you have ever wanted to check in on your family and kids despite being at work, or if you wanted to check in on any deliveries that might have come when you were unavailable, then now you can easily do that from your phone with the help of Arlo app.

If you wish to know more about how to configure the Netgear Arlo security system, then check out arlo netgear login page for instructions. For any issues that might occur during the setup process, you can check out Arlo Support to find answers to some questions. If you wish to contact us, then kindly check out Arlo Customer Service section for more information.

Arlo SupportTypes of Arlo Cameras and accessories Arlo products

There are many types of Arlo cameras and accessories that you can buy right now and help secure your family and property. Let’s look at some of them:


The one that started it all. Arlo is a highly sophisticated wireless security camera that can record high definition videos in 720p HD quality. It is completely wireless and has a body that can withstand all kinds of weather. It comes equipped with motion detention system and night vision to not miss out on any kind of intrusion at any kind of lighting situation. Arlo also comes with free cloud storage service for 7 days of motion-triggered recordings and is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT & Stringify.

Arlo Pro:Netgear Arlo Support

The updated version of Arlo, this wireless security camera comes with all the features of Arlo cameras along with more advanced features such as wide angled PIR advanced motion sensors, a 2 way audio to communicate back and forth through the camera, a smart siren on the home base station that can release a 100+ db sound which can be triggered remotely or by motion or audio sensors, a USB slot to connect external storage devices for local data backup and the option of using the camera either wirelessly or plugged in.

Arlo Pro 2:

The latest in the Arlo pro series, the Arlo pro 2 further enhances itself from its predecessor and introduces more new features such as 1080p HD quality recordings, Activity zone system where one can highlight certain areas in the camera view as to where one wants to receive motion and sound alerts, a 3-second look back feature that captures 3 seconds of footage before the camera is triggered, and an optional 24/7 CVR system to record non-stop footage on the cloud server.

Arlo Go:

This security camera is quite special as you can take it anywhere with you and it runs on LTE service. Along with the features like weather resistant, completely wireless system, Motion detection system, night vision cameras, local backup storage, cloud storage service, a two way voice system etc., you can now take this security camera wherever you want without the worry about going out of range from your home base system.

Arlo Q:

An easy to use security camera which can be setup in just a few minutes. No need for any complicated setups, just plug it in and you have a fullyARLO Devices operational indoor security camera with motion sensing system, night vision, 1080p HD recording capacity, 2 way audio to interact with any one from your phone, free cloud storage, smart alert system and full compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Stringify.

Arlo Q plus:

An upgraded version of Arlo Q, the Arlo Q plus offers everything that its predecessor does, but it also comes with an Ethernet port that gives the ability to connect the camera directly to the internet with the help of an Ethernet cable.

Arlo Baby:

A state-of-the-art highly advanced baby monitor, the Arlo Baby comes with all the features you would need to monitor and interact with your baby. Along with night vision, two-way audio and high definition recording, it also comes with the ability to play lullabies for your baby each night. You can also record your own voice and play it remotely from your smartphone or schedule it to play automatically. The Arlo Baby also comes with smart night lights with thousands of colours to choose from at the touch of a button and Air sensors to monitor the temperature, humidity and air condition of your baby’s room.  It also has a Baby Crying alert system where it alerts you whenever it detects the sound of the baby crying. It is also a bonus that the Arlo Baby comes in a unique bunny shape design.

Arlo security light:

As the name suggests, it is a security light that provides more than just light. Other than providing light with over 4000 lumens of brightness, it also has inbuilt motion detection system that can alert its owners and even activate itself to start flashing whenever it detects any movements. It is completely customizable with different colours of light and can even be scheduled to turn itself on or off at any stipulated time. It also works with Arlo cameras that can be configured to activate themselves whenever the Arlo light detects any movement. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and hence can be switched on and off through voice commands.

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