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Arlo SupportProviding support to customers is Arlo’s primary concern. Although we strive for the best and try to create a product as flawless as possible, there might be circumstances where our products might cause some issues. In such situation, one can always reach out to Arlo for help and contact Arlo tech support. However, there are many things that are asked by a number of people with regards to installation issues, usage of the products or any other thing which are similar in nature.

Here you will find the answers to those many frequently asked questions (FAQ) to regarding Netgear Arlo pro security cameras.

Here are some of those questions:

How to connect Arlo security system to the internet?

Connecting Arlo cameras to the Wi-Fi can sometimes be difficult. First, check if your Wi-Fi router is working properly. Poor Wi-Fi network might cause Arlo cameras to not detect the Wi-Fi signal. Further, the router settings might be customized to only allow specific IP addresses to access the internet. In order to check this, open your browser and type “router/” to access the settings page of your IP address. If that doesn’t work, then alternatively you can type the address of your router’s IP address on the search bar and it will take you to the settings page. Once you get in, change the access settings so that the Arlo cameras can have access to the Wi-Fi.

It could also be that your Wi-Fi might not be able to connect because of the placement of the cameras with respect to their home base station. Remember that cameras receive wireless signals from their home base station which is connected to the lan network. So, if your home base station is placed farther from the camera than its signal’s reach, then the camera would not be able to receive signals. Also, materials like bricks, metal, solid wood, glass and any kind of insulation material also diminish the strength of the signal. So, the more the barriers between the home base station and the cameras, the lesser the signal will be between them.

But despite all the efforts, if you are still unable to establish a proper connection between your cameras and the Wi-Fi, then do not hesitate to contact Arlo tech support for help. They will make sure that your problems are solved as fast as possible.

How to transfer the videos from camera to computer?

Videos and pictures taken from Arlo Pro cameras can be directly stored in the cloud storage which can be accessed from the Arlo app. So, one can easily download these videos from the app itself. However, the app provides storage for up to 1 GB of data for a 7 day period. That means that only 7 days worth of data will be stored in the cloud storage. On the eighth day, the first day’s data will be erased. Taking a subscription removes such limitations and allows you to keep all your videos. Arlo app offers various subscription models at different price points from which you can choose from.

If you are not interested in taking up the various different subscriptions that Arlo app has to offer to utilize their online storage facility, then you can directly load the videos to a portable storage device by connecting it to the Netgear Arlo security system’s home base station.

Cloud Service – Arlo Support

As mentioned above, Arlo Cloud service is a subscription based service given by Arlo to manage the storage of videos and pictures taken by the Arlo pro cameras. By availing the storage services, one can easily access the videos from anywhere at any time. This beats the hassle of carrying around a portable storage device to check the videos or worrying about them going out of storage space. Also, because the videos captured from the cameras are going directly to the storage device which is connected to the Arlo pro security system’s home base station, one cannot check the recordings without getting hold of the storage device itself.

Subscribing to the cloud service removes all such limitations. With the subscription, you are assured that you would never go out of space and your data will be kept safely secured in Arlo cloud servers. And besides, buying the subscription would be cheaper than buying storage devices; otherwise you would have to delete the previous videos from your storage device before loading new ones. And if anything happens to the videos on the cloud storage, then the Netgear Arlo support team would be able to quickly deal with the situation. So, all in all, availing the cloud service is a better option.

What is a cloud?

For those who are not very aware of technology related information, cloud storage is where all the data and information are stored in third party servers which are sent and received through the internet. So, in this situation, all your videos will be stored in Arlo cloud servers. Technically, the cloud service is much more than that, but for the purposes of Arlo Cloud services, it is used exclusively for storage purposes.

Not able to find videos captured by Arlo camera

Netgear Arlo SupportYou might want to see some captured footage from the Arlo pro cameras, but then you find out that no such footage exists. This could happen due to a variety of reasons. First, if you are utilizing the free model of the Arlo app, then the footage might have been deleted if it was more than 7 days old. This is because the app only stores information of the last 7 days; all the rest of the information from before is deleted. It could also be that the storage space might have become full as the free model only provides for 1GB of storage.

If the cloud based services are not being utilized and the footage is being stored in an external hardware, then make sure that the external storage device is plugged in properly or is not corrupted. If either of that happens, then chances are that the footage is not being recorded.

It could also have happened due to disconnection from the WiFi. If there was no WiFi, then the cameras might not have sent the data to the home base station. Hence, it is essential that a strong WiFi connection must always be maintained so as to prevent any gaps between the recordings.

Then finally, it could have also happened due to battery of the cameras being dead. Each camera utilized 4 rechargeable pencil batteries which could easily last for four to five months. Hence, it can be easy to forget to charge the batteries after such a long period of time. This might also lead to your cameras dying and not recording footage.

If the Video becomes choppy.

There is a possibility that Videos might have come off laggy and choppy. This could have happened due to some problems with the WiFi connection, because of which the cameras might not have been able to send the packets of information in a uniform basis. Because of this, the videos might not be as smooth as expected.

If the video has been recorded in a low quality, then chances are that it might have something to do with the settings of the camera. This can be easily corrected by going into the Arlo app and making all the necessary changes to set the cameras to record videos in highest quality.

How to download the Arlo app?

Arlo app is available in both Google play store for android devices and in Apple store for iOS devices. Just go to those stores and search for the Arlo app. After that, just download it to your phone.

How to setup and configure the Arlo app?

In order to use the Arlo app, you need to create an account on it first. Create your account using your email id and password and then once it is verified, login into your account. Setup the connection between the app, the home base station and the WiFi and you are good to go. You can now control and monitor all the cameras through your phone.

Arlo AppArlo app is also available in various TV based app stores as well. So, if you have a TV which has an appArlo App store like Apple TV store, and if it has Arlo app, then you can also access your account and watch the footage videos in the huge screen of your TV.  Note that not all TV might have the app on their stores or might not have the hardware to support it.

What if the problems emerge from the customers’ side?

Often times, a customer can find himself in a situation where there is nothing wrong with the Arlo pro security system, but still he is unable to use the cameras due to some other external factors. He might find himself hard-pressed looking for solutions. In such a situation, the customer can reach out to other Arlo customers for assistance with the use of Arlo’s community forums. There, you can ask your questions and seek for solutions from other members of the community who are always there to help you whenever you need their help.

What if I lost my account Arlo Netgear login details?

In a situation where you are unable to recall your account or password details of the Arlo app, then there is an option in the login page for when you are unable to sign-in. Just click on it and give your email address and a link will be sent to your email where you can set up a new password. This would become your new password and you can use it enter your MyArlo account.

Arlo Support team

Despite checking everything and looking through all possible solutions, if you are still facing issues, then check out the Arlo support section for help. Just go to and go the support section. You will find plenty of useful articles and videos that might give you the answers that you are looking for. If you still need Arlo’s help, then directly contact the Arlo customer service through the contact menu. You can directly email them and the Netgear Arlo support team will get in touch with you in the quickest possible time.

Arlo is dedicated towards providing you with hassle free experience when it comes to using our products, so that you can use them to secure your property and be assured that your belongings are safe.