Get Arlo Support To Set Up Local Storage Backup On Your USB Device

The camera records to both USB device and the cloud if you make a connection to the USB device. If the camera and base are powered on, but your internet isn’t getting that much speed, the camera will continue to record to the USB device. You will get the notification from Arlo if your USB device is low or holds no more space. Selection of automatic overwrite will automatically delete the previous recordings when available space on the USB device is less than 20%.

Required Hardware:

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•    An Arlo Pro base station

•   If you have several Arlo cameras, have cameras in high-traffic areas, or have your cameras set to record long video segments, you might need more storage space. USB flash drive or external hard drives that hold at least 100 to 200 MB. If the best quality video settings are in use then one hour of recordings will be 180 MB approximately. Kindly note this thing that NAS (Network attached storage) devices and drives with many partitions aren’t currently supported.

If you’re going to format storage devices with above 2TB of storage capacity then don’t use the Arlo Pro base station. The base station formats storage gadgets using the FAT32 file system, which holds the capacity of supporting a maximum of 2 TV of storage space. The process of formatting decreases the capacity of big storage devices to a maximum 2 TB. For more assistance, you can visit  Arlo Com Support.

How to set up local backup storage on an Arlo Pro base station?

  1. Into one of the two USB ports on the Arlo Pro base station’s backside, you need to plug the USB device.
  2. Now launch the Arlo app or simply fill up the credentials into Netgear Arlo Support
  3. Make a click on Settings> My Devices.
  4. Into which you put the USB device, you make to click on that Arlo Pro base station.
  5. Hit press on Local Storage.
  6. If you’re able to catch a green circle next to USB Device 1 and the status message Ready, then directly jump to step no. 8.

If you have given any name to your USB device using a system, then instead of USB Device 1 you will see the name. And if you attach or insert another USB device (unnamed) then you will see it as USB Device 2. If you face any message such as ‘Require Formatting’ next to your USB Device 1 or 2 which means the USB device is not in the appropriate format (FAT32). Before using it for local storage it’s essential to format the USB device.

Once you start the process of formatting then all the data of USB device will get erased. If you want to keep any file or data from the USB device then simply copy those file or data to another location before attempting formatting. This is recommendable don’t use the Arlo Pro base station if you want to format storage devices with above 2TB of storage capacity. The process of formatting decreases the capacity of big and heavy storage devices to a maximum of 2TB. For reliable assistance, you have an option of visiting Arlo com support as well.

  1. If you want to remove all files on your USB device and want to format it for local video storage then follow these simple points:

•    Tap or make a click on next to the USB device that you’re going to format.

•    Make a click on Format USB Device.

•    Now you need to wait for when USB Device Status to change from Formatting to Ready.

Caution:  When the process of formatting is running, do not remove the USB device. This may make your device unusable for the lifetime.

  1. When your USB device is low on storage space and you don’t want to lose your previous videos or data then tap or make a click on the slide next to Automatic Overwrite so you can turn it off. For more help, you can step ahead to Arlo Setup. Arlo app will give you the notification if automatic overwrite is not on. When storage grips less space, you can enable local storage backup on some other USB device. If storage is entirely full and automatic is not on, then videos are only recorded to the cloud unless you don’t turn on the automatic overwrite or simply enable another USB device.

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Arlo offers you amazing HD video quality, live streaming, instant alerts, two-way audio, free cloud recording and multiple smart features. This smart security camera will let you take care of your family and business. Whether it’s daytime or night, the impressive device holds the capability of capturing accurate and clean footage. For any troubleshooting step or assistance, you’re free to take Arlo support by getting in touch with professionals.

Note: For better information about Netgear Arlo Camera Security and company, kindly go through the company’s website link OR Contact Arlo Customer Service.

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