How Can I Connect The Arlo Or Arlo Pro Base Station To The Internet?

Arlo or Arlo Pro base station has become very popular owing to its incredible features and functionalities. If you have already purchased Arlo or Arlo Pro Base Station and now want to connect it to the internet, you should follow the post below.

The Arlo Base Station is able to connect Arlo and Arlo Pro wire-free cameras to the Internet on a secure way through the respective home router.

The particular base station provides the facility of long-range connectivity along with the incredible battery longevity for your cameras.

You’ll also get various other functionalities, including Smart Siren, USB local storage backup, and upgrade options. You can take help of the Arlo Setup support to know about different Arlo cameras.

The brilliantly-designed Arlo Base Station is capable of connecting Arlo and Arlo Pro wireless cameras to the Internet so that you can control the respective Arlo smart cameras from a remote location.

The work structure is as follows:

The cameras make a connection to the base station through Wi-Fi and then that particular base station further connects to the respective router with the help of a standard Ethernet cable.

Many people might think a base station as an optional and unnecessary accessory but it is tremendously helpful in providing the facility of long-range connectivity and incredible battery life for the cameras.

You need to remember that all Arlo cameras don’t have a requirement of a base station to perform their work. For instance, Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus cameras don’t require a base station because they can straightforwardly connect to the respective Wi-Fi or PoE network. You can take help of the Arlo Sign In to get any query resolved by the expert team with regard to Arlo products.

Now, you are familiar with the introduction and work structure of the base station base station.

One prime difference between the Arlo and Arlo Pro base stations is the local storage support.

With the help of the Arlo Pro base, you can easily make a connection of a USB drive to the respective station for the purpose of local backup as well as storage.

All of the recordings have been stored to the cloud, however, a USB device can also be used as a second location for storing Arlo Wire-Free as well as Arlo Pro Wire-Free recordings locally.

Another worth-considering point is that the USB device cannot be utilized as the one and only option and cloud storage still needs to be used as the default.

The local storage option is surely helpful because it plays a role of a backup when there is no internet connection.

Moreover, the Arlo application will help you to inform whether or not the USB device is low or full on storage.

And it would overwrite the oldest recordings on an automatic basis to ensure the respective recordings are newest or not.

Although, the regular Arlo base station features two USB ports, it actually doesn’t provide support to local storage.

The Procedure of connecting the Arlo or Arlo Pro base station to the Internet

In order to connect the Arlo or Arlo Pro base station to the Internet, you need to execute the following steps.

First, you have to make a connection of the base station to the respective router through the utilization of an Ethernet cable.

Another worth noting point is that you ought to connect the particular base station to the specific router prior to power on it. The base station mightn’t correctly connect to the network when the power is on before making a connection of it to the router.

Next, the connection should be made between the power adapter and the base station. And then plugging it into an electrical outlet should be performed.

Now, turn on the respective base station by clicking the ON-OFF button.

It is the time to wait for the power LED as well as Internet LED on the respective base station and it would turn green in around two minutes.

Congratulations! The base station has been successfully connected to the Internet.

The dedicated Arlo website Netgear Arlo Login is there to help you in solving any queries regarding Arlo products.

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