How Can You Change The Motion Sensitivity For The Arlo Security Light?

The very popular Arlo Security Light makes a great accompaniment with Arlo camera systems. Users can design rules for their cameras whenever the Arlo Security Light perceives motion. For an example, in case your Arlo Security Light starts detecting motion, the respective Arlo Pro 2 camera will start recording. Arlo Security Lights add additional security as well through the illumination of the locations of the respective home that the respective Arlo cameras monitor.

The Arlo Security Light provides the features below:

arlo security camera setup

  • 100% Wire-Free: The incredible Arlo Security Light is completely wire-free that means you don’t require worrying regarding the placement of it close a power outlet.
  • Water Resistant: This particular product is IP65-certified that means you can locate it outdoors or indoors.
  • Rechargeable battery: Arlo Security Lights make use of rechargeable batteries. You can effortlessly charge the batteries whenever they are low and thus you can save money because you don’t need to purchase disposable batteries.

The Arlo Security Light is also featured with the facilities of smart controls, motion detection alerts, 400 lumens, customizable settings, Scheduling, options of Millions of LED light color, and IFTTT integration. It is compatible with Arlo camera systems also compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Arlo Security Lights are entirely customizable. Users can make the flash on or off, alter colors, modify beam width and others. Users can make use of a bright and cool floodlight for illuminating their path in times of moving the garbage during the night. Users can set their light to flash red while it detects motion etc.

You add additional Arlo Security Lights for illuminating even more plots and effortlessly synchronizing light patterns.

With the help of Arlo Security Light, you can make the maximum output from the Arlo Security System. You can create a security ecosystem through the utilization of automated interactions between the Arlo Security Light as well as Arlo security cameras. You can set the Arlo cameras for starting recording whenever the Arlo Security Light starts detecting motion and turns on.

Arlo Security Lights are featured with weather-resistant capability. Likewise, the Arlo security cameras, the Arlo Security Light is not involved with power cords that means users are free of wiring hassles. It is capable of covering each and every corner of the users’ home, where they earlier could not light up easily. Users can effortlessly mount the light on fences, walls, garage exterior walls etc.

Arlo Security Lights manages the security lighting from any place. Through the utilization, the Arlo app, users can schedule or automate the security light from any place. Whenever you are at home, you can make use of simple voice commands, accompanied by Amazon Alexa® for turning your light on or off. You can contact Arlo Pro Support  to know more about this particular product.

The Procedure of Changing the Motion Sensitivity for the Arlo Security Light

For changing the light’s sensitivity level, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Users can start the Arlo app or they can log in to their Arlo Account at After that, The Devices page will appear. If you experience any difficulty regarding the execution of the steps, then you can contact arlo tech support.
  • Now, you need to click or tap Mode.
  • Next, you need to tap or click the bridge, linked to the light for which you are willing to alter motion sensitivity.

Now, the Mode page will appear.

  • Now, you must tap the particular pencil icon or you need to click Edit, placed next to the mode.

Next, the Edit Rule page will appear.

  • Now, click or tap, located next to the rule that you like to edit.

The Edit page will appear.

  • Under in case the following, click or tap click Edit, placed next to Motion will be detected.

The Motion detection settings page will then appear.

  • You need to relocate the slider in order to modify the sensitivity level for the purpose of motion detection for the particular light.
  • In case you have used a mobile device for specifying the settings, your settings will be saved.
  • In case you have utilized a browser for specifying the settings, then you need to click Save.

Your settings will be saved.

You can enter support Arlo com  to know more about the particular procedure.


Note: For better information about Netgear Arlo Camera Security and company, kindly go through the company’s website link OR Contact Support Arlo Com.


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