How To Configuring An Arlo Baby Security Camera Using HomeKit?

Did you recently bought an all new Arlo Baby security camera? If yes, you might be surely looking for a configuration procedure to get it to an operational state. Here’s the complete step wise procedure to setup new Arlo Baby camera using HomeKit. So to ease the configuration procedure, kindly refer to the entire information provided here.

All Arlo Baby cameras which are new and have yet not been linked to any of the arlo accounts can be configured using an Apple HomeKit or iOS devices. At present, if you have a new Arlo Baby security camera that is not yet listed under any arlo account then here’s the configuration procedure for setting up the camera to working state with the help of an Apple HomeKit and iOS based devices.

Following are the steps for configuring Arlo Baby Camera through Apple HomeKit and iOS based devices:

  1. Open the arlo application. If you don’t have the arlo application, then download and install it from Apple store of your device.
  2. Once the arlo app is opened on your device, click once on the option for “New to Arlo.” If you are not new to arlo, then tap once on the “Log in” tab. Type in the Arlo Sign In credentials to login and open up your arlo account. In case, you don’t have an arlo account then get one created.
  3. Soon as the arlo account loads up, locate the option to “Add Device” and click on it.
  4. Locate your Arlo Baby security camera and click on it. After selecting the Arlo Baby camera, a warning message will show up. So, acknowledge that message positively and proceed.
  5. Wait till the Arlo Baby camera is being recognized. It might usually take one to two minutes for discovering the new Arlo Baby security camera.
  6. In case the discovering of Arlo Baby camera fails then kindly refer to the following steps for troubleshooting the concern:
  • Check whether the LED light of your Arlo Baby camera is beeping amber or not. In case the light isn’t beeping amber, then it means that Arlo Baby camera has already been configured.
  • Try configuring the camera by scanning QR code. To configure the Arlo Baby camera by this method, you may click on the option to “Set up with QR code” available at the bottom side of the screen. Now, follow the instructions being shared by the on screen guide for configuring your Arlo Baby camera.
  1. Once your Arlo Baby security camera is recognized, click on the “Next” button.
  2. Choose the wireless network from the available list of Wi-Fi networks. After selecting the Wi-Fi click on “Next.”
  3. Specify the time zone by selecting one from the available time zone options.
  4. Click on “Continue” button.
  5. Allot a name to your Arlo Baby security camera. The name can be any combination of alphabets but make sure it is easy to remember and pronounce. Also, ensure that no other device or Netgear Arlo Setup camera is named same as the name being assigned to the Arlo Baby security camera. It is because same name can lead to conflict while using Apple’s voice control function.
  6. Click on “Continue” button.
  7. A prompt message window will open up. There click on the option labeled “Yes, Add it now.” This will add your Arlo Baby security camera to HomeKit.
  8. Users can either choose any one of the existing Home or can create new home by clicking on the “Add Home” button.
  9. After selecting the Home, click on “Next.”
  10. Either try scanning HomeKit code or enter the HomeKit code by manual typing. Users can easily locate the HomeKit code behind the Quick Startup Guide of their Arlo Baby security camera as well as from the label present on the Arlo Baby camera’s base.
  11. Allocate a particular room to an Arlo Baby camera. The room can be either any one from the existing ones available under the Home application or it can be a newly created one.
  12. Now, click on “Done” and your Arlo Baby security camera will be registered and listed under the Home application.

So, this is all you need to do for configuring an all new Arlo Baby security camera using HomeKit. The entire procedure is simply defined to ease the setup and promote better understanding. Still, if you find any difficulty while executing or understanding any of these steps, then always feel free to ask help from arlo tech support persons. The team of arlo experts is always available and dedicated to assist users will all kind of arlo concerns.

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