How To Create An Activity Zone For Arlo Ultra Security Camera What Arlo Steps Should Be Followed?

Creating an activity zone for your netgear Arlo Ultra allows users to dedicate your camera for providing surveillance to any of the particularly selected areas of their premises. For more information, kindly refer to the complete procedure for creating an activity zone for Arlo Ultra security camera.

Setting up an activity zone, instructs camera to start sensing and generating triggers for all movements that are being detected within the area of that activity zone. After sensing the movement, camera starts recording and saves the recorded video files to the video library that can be accessed through an arlo application. Other than this, creating multiple activity zones allows users to ensure surveillance to few particular areas that they wish to keep secure. The activity zone of Arlo Ultra varies a bit from other existing wire-free Arlo Security Camera Setup cameras.

Following are the two differences that make arlo ultra activity zones different from the activity zone of other existing arlo wireless security camera models.

  • Users can create an arlo ultra activity zone using eight specification points that facilitates the better defining of activity zones. Whereas, in case of other arlo camera models there are only four points for defining activity zones.
  • In case of Arlo Ultra activity zones, users can switch between five activity zones and can activate any of these activity zones simultaneously at a single instance of time. Whereas, in case of other arlo security cameras users can enable and disable all the activity zones at once only.

At present, if you are trying to create an activity zone for your Arlo Ultra security camera then kindly refer to the following arlo support procedure.

Steps for creating activity zones for an Arlo Ultra Security Camera:

  1. Visit from any of the web browsers or download and open the arlo app from any of the app stores on your device.
  2. Sign in to your Arlo account by submitting the corresponding login credentials.
  3. Once the home page of Arlo account opens up, locate the icon for “Settings” and click on it.
  4. Within Settings menu click on “My Devices.”
  5. A list of available devices will open up. Click on your Arlo Ultra security camera to select it from the list of devices.
  6. The settings menu for your Arlo Ultra security camera will open up. There click on the option for “Activity Zones.”
  7. If you are creating an activity zone though the web setup page of arlo, then locate the “Video Settings” menu and click on it.
  8. Under “Video Settings” menu click on plus (+) like icon for creating a new Arlo Ultra camera’s activity zone. In case you are trying to create an activity zone through arlo web setup page then click on the option labeled as “Create New Zone.”
  9. A new activity zone will be created. Assign a specific dimension and size to your arlo activity zone by resizing it.
  10. As Arlo Ultra offers eight specification points for creating an activity zone so users can drag any of these points as per their requirement to assign a certain shape and size to the created activity zone.
  11. After assigning a particular shape and size to an activity zone if you wish to change its location then click on the activity zone, hold it and drag to any of the locations you want it to be. It will move and reposition the created activity zone.
  12. Other than using auto assigned names for an activity zone users can assign a customized name to all of their camera’s activity zones. In order to assign a name, users may click on the Pencil like icon in front of their activity zone. In case, you are the web setup page of arlo, then click next to the name of your camera’s activity zone. Type any combination of alphabets for assign a new name to that activity zone.
  13. After naming the activity zone, click on the “Save” button. It will retain all the changes you made for creating an activity zone.

This was all you need to do for creating an activity zone for your netgear Arlo Ultra Security camera. Hope you find the procedure simple an easy to perform. After creating an activity zone if you no longer require it or wish to delete it then access that activity zone from an arlo application, swap it towards left side and click on “Delete.” This will permanently delete the activity zone. For more such information about arlo, kindly visit Arlo Netgear Com Login page.

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