How to place the Arlo Go camera?

You might know that Arlo is a prominent name in the field of security cameras owing to its incredible features and functionalities. And today I’ll discuss how you can place your Arlo Go camera.

Arlo Go is a popular line-up security camera of Arlo. It is fully wire-free in nature that can easily work inside or outside. And it makes use of a 4G LTE signal other than Wi-Fi.

This particular camera would be specifically useful in case you have already tried to install a Wi-Fi camera at your household and discovered that the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t cross through your home’s walls. To know about more Arlo cameras, you can contact by dialing Arlo support phone number.

It would be very interesting to spend time with the Arlo Go camera because the ranges of Arlo camera are considered among the best-in-class in this domain.

This particular camera seems to be a heavier version of its sibling. And its application integration process is absolutely the same.

However, you would get a limited cloud storage allocation that means you can easily watch back ten-second clips from the previous week without any additional cost.

It mightn’t sound like anything big, however, a large number of security cameras have a requirement of a subscription prior to saving any video. Moreover, this specific security camera features a slot for a microSD card that means you can save more footage at a free of cost.

It is obvious that with a traditional security camera, you have to give payment for the respective home internet, however, as Wi-Fi is a multi-functional facility, it wouldn’t be a payment just for your camera.

In case you like to install a camera at the distant location of your garden where the installation of a Wi-Fi extender isn’t a realistic proposition, then the Arlo Go camera can be considered.

In a nutshell, the Arlo Go camera would be an incredible option for ensuring the safety and security of your residential and commercial spaces.

Because of the hand-screwed stand and as the Arlo Go has a requirement of a SIM card only for its installation, a very little is there to prevent a person from unscrewing it and then walking off with the particular camera.

The Application is greatly designed and you can easily manage a large number of options without experiencing it as overwhelming. Different screens of this particular application have been designed thoughtfully.

In order to install the Arlo Go camera, you have to pop your SIM card into its backside and then press the button for synchronizing.

Now, you need to open the Arlo Application on your phone and voila! You are connected. The camera’s flat bottom signifies that it can be placed on a side table or bookshelf in a comfortable way and for the immediate utilization.

If you want to use your Arlo Go camera outside, a black metal stand is there included in the box that you can easily screw to a ceiling or wall. And it will enable you to angle the particular camera as per your preference.

In times of placing the Arlo Go camera, you need to keep the following points in mind.

Selection of a location with decent LTE coverage: If you want to get more information about the optimization of LTE coverage, then you can contact the arlo customer service.

Keeping Active Location in the field of view of the Camera: The Arlo Go camera is featured with a viewing angle of 110-degree. You can easily place your camera in such a way that the place that you want to monitor can be within the field of view of the camera.

Aim with the cloud: You can use the position mode of your Arlo camera for sending video to the cloud as early as possible.

And thus you can easily aim your camera in times of watching the respective video feed on the specific Arlo smartphone application to perform near real-time adjustments to the position of your camera. To get more information, you can contact Arlo customer service phone number.

Elevating the Camera: You need to mount your Arlo motion-detection camera at minimum 7 feet or 2.1 meters (above the ground or floor). The aim should be a little bit of downward for the best performance of the sensor.

Make sure side-to-side traffic is crossing Arlo’s field of view: The motion sensor of your Arlo camera is more sensitive to side-to-side movement throughout the field-of-view as compared to move it straightforwardly towards or off from the respective camera.

The ideal location for motion detection is 1.5 to 6 meters or 5 feet to 20 feet from the position of your camera.

In case you’re not sure whether the respective camera can capture motion from the present position, it is significant to check through the utilization of the motion detection test.

After that, you need to relocate the camera or adjust the motion sensitivity of the camera (if required).

Congratulations! You have successfully placed the Arlo Go camera.







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