How To Turn Email Notifications ON/OFF While Using Arlo Camera?

Arlo line-up security cameras have become tremendously popular all around the world owing to their incredible features and functionalities. Now, if you already own an Arlo camera, and now want to turn ON/OFF your email notifications, then follow the post below.

With the advent of the latest technology, the process of installation of the internet-connected home security system is becoming easier day by day.

However, for many home security cameras, it still means working with cables to start their HD cameras.

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But, a sigh of relief has already come and it’s the line-up security cameras from Netgear that is called Arlo security cameras.

And the good news is that the range of the Arlo Pro cameras doesn’t require any kind of wires for setting up. They work for more than one month after charging once. To know about all the Arlo line-up cameras, you can take help of the arlo support team.

The original Arlo Pro home security system is already a top-notch system, however, the Arlo Pro 2 has come with enhanced resolution and added features.

And another best thing is that Arlo has eventually brought its AI-enabled and brilliantly-designed Arlo Smart system to give a tough competition to the big names. Although Arlo 2 has some drawbacks, they are negligible when we look at its striking features.

Setup and Design

There is no surprise that the Arlo Pro 2 security camera shares a similar appearance with its old version. And moreover, it makes a connection to the same base station that can save your further investment in case you are just going to add certain new cameras to an existing setup.

Addition of Arlo devices is not complicated, and it generally works even the first time. You have to press the ‘sync’ button on the respective base station, and then you need to click the button on the camera.

And then you ought to hold them in the nearby place together for a couple of a few seconds. Congratulations! Your camera has been paired.

The base station has a requirement of a wired Ethernet connection that is a little bit of a problem. And the dedicated 2.4GHz low-power Wi-Fi signal is there for your cameras to make sure that they are getting power.

The base station of the Arlo Pro 2 camera supports removable storage that means you can save all clips on a USB hard drive or a thumb drive. The arlo tech support team is there to help you in solving your queries or questions regarding Arlo cameras.

The basic package of the Arlo Pro 2 camera has come with the base, between the range of two and six cameras along with the magnetic wall mount. Owing to the flat rubber foot on its bottom part, the cameras can be easily placed on a ledge or a table.

And in case you hold Arlo Pro mounting accessories, they should perform nicely with the Arlo Pro 2 camera. Another worth mentioning point is that you can mount Arlo 2 Pro anywhere in your home and even outside in a distant location of a power outlet.

It is rated with IP65 that means it is dust and water-resistant and can operate in the range of -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

How can you turn Email Notifications ON/OFF?

You need to execute the following steps for turning your email notifications ON/OFF:

First, you have to launch the Arlo application or you can also log in to the respective Arlo account by visiting

Next, you need to tap or click “Mode”, and then “Camera or Base Station Name.”

Now, you ought to tap or click the “pencil” icon for a particular existing mode. And then click the “pencil” icon under the section, called “Rules”.

Now, under the section, named “Alert”, you have to choose or can also clear the particular checkbox placed next to “Email Alerts”. It would turn your email notifications ON/OFF.

A worth noting point is that you can easily change your email address for receiving email alerts. And for which you need to click or tap the “pencil” icon, placed next to the checkbox, called “Email Alerts”.

In this step, you have to click “Save” in order to apply the changes.

Congratulations! You have successfully turned your email notifications ON/OFF.

Note: For better information about Netgear Arlo Camera Security and company, kindly go through the company’s website link OR Contact Arlo Customer Service.

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