How To Use Position Mode To Aim The Arlo Camera?

Arlo cameras have become so much popular owing to their incredible features and functionalities. And if you have already purchased Arlo cameras and now want to use position mode to aim your Arlo Camera, then follow the below post.

The latest security camera system from Netgear has eliminated the concept of cord completely that means from now onwards, you can place your camera literally anywhere you want.

Arlo cameras feature built-in wireless networking and these brilliantly-designed systems operate on batteries that have the longevity of up to six months before they need replacements (as per the claims of the company), for which you need to pay a small price but you’ll get a great flexibility.

If you have any queries or questions regarding Arlo cameras, you can take help of the Netgear Arlo Setup support teamThe kit contains two cameras along with a base station that plugs into the respective router and then starts uploading the particular recordings to the cloud.

You would be wondered to know that the respective white plastic cameras are not very long. That means you can easily hide them wherever you want.

Each of the Arlo cameras is weatherproof and designed in such a manner that it can withstand a temperature range of 50 degrees and down to -10 degrees Celsius.

The particular kit comes with four magnetic ball mounts so that you can easily attach them to the respective magnetic surfaces and that is also without any requirement of drilling any holes.

And then you can effortlessly move your camera between your rooms without any movement of the mounts. And it is also possible to angle them to have the best view.

The brilliantly-designed camera features an extensively wide field of view of 130-degree and 850nm-wavelength LEDs for brilliant night vision. And the best part is that a single camera is capable of covering most of a room.

The respective battery compartment in the bottom part of each of the cameras is capable of holding four CR123 batteries that are frequently used in the digital cameras. These cameras are worth of around £8 each. However, you can also purchase a rechargeable set of four for approximately £20. The performance of these batteries is outstanding.

As each of the cameras alerts and records only when it detects any motion, the battery power doesn’t get wasted on the unnecessary footage. It is also possible to set up schedules so that the cameras can automatically be disabled in evening times while you are at home, and so that they can be activated when you are leaving for work during the morning.

However, nothing is perfect in the world, and the same thing is applicable to Arlo wire-free cameras. With Arlo’s wire-free cameras you will have a requirement of a base station for uploading recorded footage to the cloud and moreover, the cameras don’t exhibit any local storage.

And each of the wired IP cameras could be connected directly to a router through Wi-Fi signal, however, it’s not the case in wireless cameras. You would have to make a connection of a base station and a router and also use the smartphone companion application for its setting.

It is also necessary to create an Arlo account and then pair the respective cameras. It is a comparatively direct process that takes just a couple of minutes to make the entire connection.

After its setting, you can easily control the entire system through your tablet or smartphone application or via the Arlo web portal.

It is also possible to access a live feed from each of the connected cameras but with the delay of around two or three seconds between the capture and playback.

You can also watch any past recordings, save clips to stop them from getting deleted after a particular time period, and personalize the particular schedules by making use of a comprehensive 7-day planner.

Notifications can be dispatched to the respective email address or to the particular phone once motion has been captured.

In a nutshell, Arlo cameras will be outstanding options for ensuring your home security system. And that’s why you should purchase one of the Arlo cameras today and keep your residential and commercial spaces secure and safe.

Now, it’s time for discussing position mode that helps you to view whatever your camera views easily and quickly. By using the position mode, you can ensure that your camera has been positioned for monitoring the area that you prefer. To know about different Arlo cameras, you can contact arlo tech support.

Position mode is only available whenever the camera is not streaming, recording any motion, or in a mode that has included motion detection.

How to place the camera in Position Mode?

You need to execute the following steps to place an Arlo camera in position mode:

First, you need to launch the Arlo application. Alternatively, you can also log in to the respective Arlo account by visiting

Next, you have to click or tap the ‘menu icon ()’ that is placed under the particular camera that you prefer to place in position mode.

In this step, you need to click or tap “Device Settings” and then “Device Utilities” and “Camera Positioning”. You will notice the camera would start streaming video.

A worth noting point is that position mode can stream video as fast as possible and that is also without buffering. That means you can easily aim your camera in times of watching on your computer or smartphone and also make near real-time adjustments to the position of your camera.

You need to adjust the respective camera as long as you get a decent view of the particular area that you want to record. In case you are not getting a good view of that area, you prefer to record. It can also happen that you might have to move your camera or camera mount and then try again.

If you have any difficulty or question regarding the above steps, then you can visit Arlo Netgear Login website.

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