What does smart Alarm Detection feature of netgear arlo camera means and how users can test it?

 So, this is what Arlo alarm detection feature means and how users can test its working. Users may go through the arlo support page to learn more about this smart alarm detecting feature.

The smart Alarm detection feature of Arlo notifies a user through an Arlo app whenever smoke or carbon monoxide detecting alarm sound is heard by the camera. To learn more about the smart alarm detection feature kindly refer to the details provided below.

An alarm detecting feature of an arlo sends notification to its user whenever a smoke or carbon monoxide detecting alarm sound is heard by it. In addition to this, if rich notification is also enabled then users will be able to access all the notifications including captured picture and recording even from the locked screen. Once the camera starts recording it will continues to record until the movements happening under it come to a pause or till the fixed time period is over. In case, a users are unable to access all the notification from the locked screen then they may open the library of Arlo app to access the files related to all the notifications.

Kindly, remember that this alarm detection feature can only be enabled only if a user is subscribed to Arlo Smart subscription plan. Arlo Smart subscription plan offers recording up to regular 30 days and can be availed for 1-2 cameras by paying separate plan charges for each camera.

In order to activate the Alarm Detection feature users may refer to the following setup steps:

  1. Open the downloaded arlo application on your internet supporting device to access your arlo account. Users may also browse www.my.arlo.com to access their arlo account.
  2. Submit the arlo account login ID and password.
  3. Soon as the arlo account opens up, find the “Settings” icon and click on it.
  4. Settings menu will open up. So, click on the “Smart Notifications” under it.
  5. Select the camera that is compatible with this feature.
  6. Go to Audio related Alerts section and click on” Smoke/ CO related alarms or rest other Audios” under it.
  7. Users may leave the page once they have gone through all of these listed steps as all the changes made till now will get automatically saved.

Arlo security cameras including Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Ultra security cameras are proven to be compatible for using Alarm detection feature. All Arlo wired, Arlo Baby and Arlo Go cameras are not compatible with Alarm detection feature and thus users can not avail this feature on these cameras.

What should be the positioning criteria for Arlo so that its Alarm detection feature performs its best?

If users are unable to test the detecting range of their Arlo then they may simply place the arlo anywhere within 2 feet of distance from the alarm. After positioning the Arlo, users may refer to the following steps for testing whether the Smoke or Carbon monoxide detector is working or not.

  1. Open the Arlo application.
  2. Go to the “Settings” menu.
  3. Under Settings click on the option for “Smart Notifications.”
  4. Choose the camera for which the alarm needs to be tested.
  5. Swap the slider in front of the option labeled as “Smoke/ CO Alarm”
  6. Ensure that the option for “Other Audio” is at OFF state.
  7. Close the Arlo application.
  8. Ensure no movement occurs under the viewing range of the Arlo camera for which an alarm test is being conducted. The occurrence of movement during the test can lead to dilemma whether alarm was detected or not.
  9. Turn ON the alarm for Smoke/CO detector with the help of test button. Let the alarm remain ON for a minimum of 20 seconds. If the alarm fails to sound till continuous 20 seconds then the user won’t be able to test the range for their camera.
  10. Now, if the alarm continuously produces T3 or T4 alarming pattern for 20 seconds then an Audio Alert Push notification will sent to respective mobile device saying “Arlo thinks Smoke or CO alarm has been detected on (Camera name).” Also a video clip will be saved to the library of Arlo application with a label “Smoke or CO alarm?”
  11. At times user might be unable to get push notification related to audio alert but can see the clip in library with a label “Audio resulted from test.” This indicates that the Arlo is positioned correctly under the range of Smoke detector but failed to recognize the alarm pattern.
  12. If there is no Audio Alert push notification and video clip in the Arlo app library then it indicates that the camera is placed far away from the alarm. So in such a situation, users should try to bring their Arlo a bit closer towards the alarm and then try to go through the alarm test again.

Is it possible to turn On the Alarm detection feature for multiple Arlo security cameras?

Yes, it is possible to enable Alarm detecting feature on multiple Arlo cameras but all of those camera must be positioned within the sensing range of an alarm. The alarm should also produce industry standard T3/ T4 alarming pattern.

 So, this is what Arlo alarm detection feature means and how users can test its working. Users may go through the arlo support page to learn more about this smart alarm detecting feature.

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