Why Netgear Arlo Pro Is The Best Security Camera For The Exterior Of Our Home?

If you want to secure the outdoor of your house, then you should install the Arlo Pro security camera. If you want to know what this camera is capable of and how you can benefit it, then you can contact Arlo Support providers.

Are you looking to protect your home with the installation of several security cameras abroad? Do you want to know which the best devices of this type are? Surely, after searching, listening or reading about security cameras, if you have not already decided on one, you will be in a situation of fatigue. From Arlo Support, we will help you because, after several analyzes, we have decided that the Netgear Arlo Pro is the best home Wi-Fi outdoor security camera that we can find in the market right now. All this, if we stick to the value for money.

Advanced features

Arlo Pro allows us to keep an eye on our property, providing alerts and notifications to our smartphones whenever detect some unusual movement. However, it is one of the few that has features such as having rechargeable batteries that allow it to be completely wireless, so it is easy to place and move. It also provides a brilliant image, clear 2-way audio and seamless integration into a home automation house and up to seven days of cloud storage.

The Arlo Pro outdoor Wi-Fi camera does everything a DIY surveillance camera. In numerous tests that have been carried out by different technology companies, the rechargeable batteries of the Arlo Pro lasted for months, which avoids having to connect the camera to an outlet. The company offers seven days of free cloud video storage (and the option to pay for more storage capacity), which is a sufficient amount for most users. It also comes with a base station that allows users to wirelessly connect up to five cameras, with options to add more through a payment plan or even add professional management if desired. That same base has a siren of more than 100 decibels and the ability to connect a USB drive for local storage.

A new version for outdoors

People who already have a Nest Camera will like this new outdoor version of the company. It combines Wi-Fi, 1080p video, two-way audio and a mounting system that gives the ability to orient it in any direction. To take advantage of some of Nest’s advanced features it is necessary to have a Nest Aware subscription. This raises the price, but also the camera’s capabilities. You can pay a small monthly fee depending on the amount of online storage needed to record the storage, alerts to people and the option to highlight specific monitoring limits. It also has a thick power cable, which has the mission of resisting inclement weather that can occur outside.

There is no doubt that Netgear Arlo Pro is the best security camera for outdoors not because of its incredible features, but its quality build as well. If you have bought this camera and looking to set it up or troubleshoot any issue in it, then you can consult Arlo Support providers.

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